Angara–Yenisey Cluster

The Development of the Angara–Yenisey Cluster is planned for 2012-2021 period. To release infrastructure barriers for business development it is proposed to use state participation (the state-private partnership mechanism) to implement the projects in motorways and electric network infrastructure. This project implementation will make it possible to increase the gold, oil, lead-zinc ore extraction and production, logging and deep wood processing, end deficit of electric power capacity in the Nizhnee Priangarye and the Sayansky District, provide all-year-round access to the right bank of the Angara River and the Yenisey River and also, to increase the number of settlements , with the all-year- round access and connection with the net of highways. The project will create about 20 thsd jobs on the construction period и 6,5 thsd new permanent job after the project implementation is over. The estimated investment volume in building industrial facilities and infrastructure for the Angara–Yenisey Cluster project is 272.5 bln rub, 216.8 bln rub. Being the estimated private investment volume and 55,7 bln rub. of state investment.

Infrastructure facilities

  • The scheme of Nizhneangarskaya HPS joining
  • Construction of bridge crossing over the Yenisey River
  • Highway «Vysokogorsky – Epishino – site of bridge crossing over the Yenisey River»
  • «Epishino – Severo-Yeniseysky» highway
  • «Vysokogorsky- Partizansk- Razdolinsk» highway
  • «Sayanskaya-Aginskoe-Orye-Kingash» highway
  • 220 кV high-voltage line Kamala-1 substation - Kingash substation
  • 220 kV high-voltage line Yenisey - RP220 kV LLC «Kramz»
Private Projects Participants
Mining and processing plant based in «Bladodatnoe» deposit. Output increase up to 8 mln ton ore annually CJSC GMC «Polus»
Open pit crushing and grading complex based in «Bladodatnoe» deposits Noibinsky golden ore area based at LLC «Sovrudnik»
Mining and processing plant based in «Veduginsky» golden ore deposit LLC OMC «Amikan»
Mining and processing plant based in «Udereysky» deposit LLC «Novoangarsky» Processing plant
Open pit based in «Talsky» magnesite deposit, the site for magnesite decarbonation on the base of multiple-bed furnace and the site for baking of refractory materials in electric furnaces LLC «Group «Magnesite»
Industrial complex in Verkhnepashino village, Yeniseysky District, Krasnoyarsk Region LLC «Siblesproject»
«Nixhneangarsky» HPS in the Angara River JSC «EurosibEnergo»
Sheet rolling complex LLC «Kramz»
New mining and processing plant in the Sayansky district of the Krasnoyarsk region LLC «Kingashskaya OMC»